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Big News!

2013-02-04 15:16:03 by Flintzer0

So, guess what?! I may have someone who will be drawing my album art for me! And with it, to commemorate this grand experience, I will be updating every single piece of music contained within the albums! Yup, every single song will be made... better. I've had different ideas to add to the songs (i.e. some new riffs in specific parts, instrument changes, et cetera), but I will also be editing the audio quality. I've heard some complaints that my music is too loud, so loud that the speakers actually CRACKLECXSDFROTKGFNJDF. But, that's an easy fix! I will be doing a ton of edits, along with 2 new albums I'm working on! So, be ready for some excitement!


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2013-02-04 16:27:55

Best of luck mate :)

Flintzer0 responds:

Why, thank you! I'll be working hard.